Welcome to Gen Advisory's LMS for Australian FinTechs!

Your training solution for all things regulatory compliance - and more

Gen Advisory is developing a practical e-learning platform which enables Australian FinTechs to stay on top of rapidly-changing regulatory requirements - and meet your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) obligations.

What's unique about Gen Advisory's LMS:

  • Designed and curated by ex-financial services regulators 
  • Developed both in-house and in collaboration with leading Australian universities and training providers.
  • Incorporates the latest RegTech solutions
  • Aimed at helping Australian FinTechs fulfil their regulatory and commercial objectives.

Our LMS is supported by FinTech Australia and Stone & Chalk - of which Gen Advisory is a member.

Our flexible and user-friendly  training modules can be accessed anytime and anywhere - on a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile. 

Stay tuned for details!

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The Gen Advisory Team

Early Registration

To register early for our LMS, please visit: gen-advisory.com.au/training 

For any questions regarding the LMS, please email: lms@gnad.com.au

For further details regarding Gen Advisory Pty Ltd, please visit: gen-advisory.com.au